Where's the best place to read up on rarity in Gazers?

Presently, the most consolidated place is the collector created resource, “Gazers 101” by the collector Virtau.

Also, dropping into the community Discord is a great place to ask questions and read old discussions in order to gleam insights.

What hashtags should I use when posting screenshots of my Gazers NFT?

#Gazers + ID

So for an NFT with an ID of 283:
#Gazers283 #Gazers1000

What does mean?

We will learn more about this in February when the first date of this trait is reached.

I have a clock. How do I see the live moon phase?

Press the ‘0’ key to toggle between the live clock and moon phase calendar.

How do I see other rendering modes?

Rendering modes are toggled using 1-4 on your keyboard. Be sure to click on the art first so that your browser sends your key strikes to the artwork.

What we know so far is that each rendering mode is unlocked every 33 months since it’s Origin Moon trait.

What is this Reflect trait? How does it work and what does it mean?

The artist said in the Discord on 12/09/2021: “Just as the moon reflects the sun‘s light to our eyes, some of us reflect back within our minds – to the immeasurable lightness and darkness of our past.

What we figured out so far is that pressing the 5 and 6 keys allows a person with a matured Reflect trait to look at past moons up until their Origin Moon trait. We think the number of moons that must pass before unlocking is counted since the NFT’s Origin Moon trait.

New Moons happen approximately once a month, so some of the Reflect traits will take anywhere from 1 – 12,000 years to mature and unlock that ability. This points to something the artist said about Gazers becoming a “generational evolution of experience.”

In the Discord, from Obi-One to Panter Xhita regarding a ‘Reflect after 144,000 moons’ trait:
This is one of only 6 in the collection that mark the end point of when the entire collection will finally be fully revealed, which is in 12,000 years and this comes from your reflect trait. The beauty of this number not only makes yours a key piece to then entire collection, but also makes the entire value of the collection even more! It does so by showcasing the mint of this collection as the “halfway there” (from Matt) point from the dawn of man 12,000 years ago in 10,000 BC when the ice age went away to 12,000 years in the future when this collection will finally be fully done unlocking. You have a fantastic statement piece, congratulations.


What is the Origin Moon trait?

The Origin Moon trait seems important and lots of other things seem to key off of this. The Origin Moon represents “important events in the artist’s life and artistic career.”

How can I make my moon tilt the same direction as I see it in the sky?

The Moon looks different to us depending on where we look at it from our latitude on Earth. Here’s a great article that explains about this phenomenon: https://www.planetary.org/articles/can-the-moon-be-upside-down

We figured out that the ‘7’ and ‘9’ keys rotate the tilt of the moon left and right.

How is my moon changing sizes?

The ‘Moon Zoom’ and ‘Moon Size’ trait helps us understand the size of our moons. For example, ‘Moon Zoom: Noon’ means the moon will be biggest at noon and smallest at midnight. And vice versa. ‘Moon Zoom: Static’ means your moon won’t change size.

The  Visualize trait allows you to change the size of your moon by clicking and dragging your mouse on the horizontal.

What are the ✍️ ‍ traits?

We don’t know yet but have been speculating in the Discord about what this could mean.

I see some Gazers go fast and others slow. How does my NFT speed up?

Gazers NFTs accelerate their frame rate fractionally over time. At the time of their Origin Moon date, each NFT moves at 1 frame per second. And then over time, they speed up according to the “+1 Frame Every” trait.

So if you have a “12 s,” it means you’ll increase 1 frame per second every 12 New Moons, or about 1 year.

What is the Celebration Window?

So far, we know that Gazers celebrate eclipses. We know this because on the December 4, 2021 New Moon, it was also a solar eclipse. Some of the NFTs with “144 Hours” Celebration Window traits was still showing signs of the eclipse at the time of the Gazers Sale on December 6th, 2021. We’ve deduced that the Celebration Window is extended on the front half and back half of eclipses. Longer celebration windows will probably display special events for longer periods of time and shorter will be briefer, giving collectors a smaller period of time to capture the ephemeral moment.

What does "The Attainable" and "The Disremembered" traits mean?

Nobody knows yet, but there’s speculation they relate to the background color.

How much will my moon change each New Moon?

From the artist in the Discord on 12/20/2021:
“Some of the Gazers NFTs contain traits that resist change. Change is inevitable– but there’s a trait that suggests a moon design could possibly persist through more than 1 cycle– and that “change” could be slower or less detectible”

What happens on New Years Eve?

Between 11pm and 12am on New Years Eve, Gazers NFTs have a celebration. This was first recorded on December 31st, 2021 by BruTaL, located in Hong Kong, whose observations opened up celebrations for all the time zones after theirs

From LEOS10301 in the Discord:
So far we have seen five different ways they celebrate the New Year:
1) Moon changing shape and color,
2) Background oscillating and color changes,
3) Non clock moons turning into Clocks
4) Moons rotating
5) Moons not changing color or shape but vibrating in place.

We do not know if the way each NFT celebrates changes from year to year yet. We will need to compare what we see in 2023 with 2022.

Why do some moons turn full at different times than others?

Moon phase transitions come about in waves according to Origin Moon families. We are working on creating schedules for each Origin Moon that collectors can schedule by.

Transitions including timezones so far have included NYE and Stephen Hawkings Celebrations.

How do I capture video of my Gazer?

The way that the artist is currently recording videos for social media is through an iPad app called “Go Record.” It allows a screen capture and easy time-scrubbing. Then, the video is exported to the device’s photos and the iPad’s native edit app is used to crop around the artwork.